The Initial Phase of Your Computer Game

OK, so you have lastly decided to create your game! This is a huge milestone for you and you think you are prepared for the full blown execution of your stunning and elegant game!
You take a seat and begin brain-storming what it is that you want to in fact create. OK, so you have a concept of exactly what kind of a game you want to develop. It is going to be a Role Playing type of a game. Great. Who is going to be the hero of the video game? Well, you start thinking about this for a while, and you finally choose, the hero is going to be a Knight! Incredible! Now what? What the hell is your hero going to do throughout his/her trip? Find More Info on hacked online games here.
OK, so the hero is going to be a Knight that requires saving his people. You begin to believe, why does he even need to save his individuals in the first location? Have they been deprived of their land and their legal entitlements?
Is this even something that you wish to pursue and completely develop as the main storyline of the game? Is it something that will interest individuals all over the world? I mean we are dealing with a really tough audience nowadays in the video gaming neighborhood that wish to have not only great graphics but likewise a terrific gameplay and story.
You understand that you need assistance, and you require support FAST! It is a doggy-dog world out there, and you have to be at the top of everything otherwise, your boat will sink very rapidly!
OK, so I have defined a hero for the video game, and the hero is a Knight. The storyline is starting to materialize, but needs to be polished and boosted. The hero, Maximillian, does unknown about his heritage and the rightful Kingship that is his. He becomes aware of this throughout the video game and eventually the story begins to materialize as the player advances in the video game.
Now, we need a method to exchange the information to our hero in the game. In order for us to do so, I have decided to develop special character which we will call them Guardians, or the Wise Elders. These are the folks who are individuals in charge of keeping all the records and tricks of a given society. The Guardians will offer clues and guidance throughout the game to the hero to be able to satisfy his mission goals.
Alright, so let's do a recap, we have actually defined our hero, and we understand that his ultimate objective is to discover his true identity and ultimately claim what is his by birth right.
We have actually produced a set of unique characters, called the Guardian, who are the point of contact that will exchange the needed ideas and guidance to the hero to satisfy his objective objectives.
Let's now think about why in the first location the hero, is unaware of his real identity? And if he is not ruling the land, then who is?

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Can we say, that the land is now ruled by the evil sibling of the hero's daddy? Would it be interesting to say that, while Maximillian was at a young age, his father, King Vittorio (Conqueror, Victor), was betrayed and toppled by his more youthful brother, Prince Maarten (Don't trick). This betrayal had actually triggered fantastic casualty and concern on the land ruled by King Vittorio, and due to the events that had actually occurred, he was forced to leave his kingdom and stay in exile, while his sibling Prince Maarten, ended up being the new ruler of the land.
Alright, looks like something is coming together here. However, what was the betrayal, and how did this damage the Great King, King Vittorio?
Could this have been a plot engineered by the younger Prince Maarten and the wicked Wizard Darnell (Hidden), who wished to have more power in the kingdom? Because of that, it is a difficult plot of war and total damage between the biggest city centers and the ORC King for robbery and devastating the cities and town from their safety and wealth. And crafted a campaign to turn individuals against the King and requiring him exile, while the younger Prince Maarten and the Evil Wizard Darnell took over the kingdom for their own self-centered greedy agenda.
Now, it appears to me that we have a starting point. Am I pleased with this? Well, I desire your inputs and remarks.
This specifies the historic background and discusses the reason of why we are starting the hero from this specific point. It does not specify the procedure of how he was kept, trained, and informed to be able to re-conquer the lands that are his by law and by divine opportunity.
Assuming, that the King Vittorio, settled in a remote and safeguarded location deep inside the forests with the means of sending and receiving messages to a select couple of Guardians of the kingdom, which the Guardian had learnt about the whole Evil plot, however they could not protect the king in time, but they were secretly training, and educating the young Maximillian, to be prepared for the day that he will begin his journey to re-claim his Kingdom.

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